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“We live in a heavily wooded area that got hit hard by the October snowstorm in 2011.  We contacted Eric to prune many of our existing trees and to help remove some problem trees.  Eric was incredibly knowledgeable and identified some trees that were rotting from the inside.  He was also great about pruning dead limbs off our otherwise healthy trees and doing so in a way that protected the trees.  He mentioned that he doesn’t use spikes when he climbs healthy trees so as not to scar them – something we never would have thought of.  We are thrilled with the work that Eric has done and our property has fared very well through the recent storms.  We would highly recommend Eric as someone who is extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, and who genuinely cares about the long term health of the trees.”  - Amherst, NH


TimberCruiser Tree Service is a fully insured, full-service tree-care company owned and operated by Eric Schadler.

Located in, and servicing Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts, TimberCruiser offers important safety and maintenance for your trees such as Tree Climbing, Felling, Pruning and Removal. 

Proactive planning can save your home from damage casued by snow, storms and winds . If storm damage does occur, call TimberCruiser to tend to your storm damage quickly and safely. 

 What is the benefit to using a Tree Climber?

Tree climbing is a recommended approach to carefully protect other trees and the under-story from damage. A climber causes less damage to your property and more accuracy when targeting a "fell area". If a bucket truck is needed we can utilize that equipment as well but the first choice for more accurrate work is the skill of a trained climber

Timbercruiser can recommend the best approach for your property planning for the short term and long term life of your trees. 

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